Above and Beyond Autonomy: Vision Enactors as Leaders

©2011 Casey Rowe

Vision Enactors (VEs) are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to get things done. But, this cannot be taken for granted. VEs thrive in environments where they can be not only autonomous, but masterful and purposeful in their work. As these needs are met, VEs go above and beyond to create this environment for others. Continue reading

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Autonomy, Mastery, and Purposes: Essential Needs of a Vision Enactor

© 2011 Casey Rowe

In his book Drive, Daniel H. Pink identifies autonomy, mastery and purpose as integral components to the human condition. To a Vision Enactor (VE) these three needs are intrinsic and extrinsic motivators for getting things done!

Autonomy is a good starting point for understanding how VEs initiate action. Following soon we will explore how mastery and purpose drive VEs to deliver exceptional results. Continue reading

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What Vision Enactors Know

© 2011 Sherry Lowry

We already are well aware there are people whose leadership emphasis is on getting things done effectively, gracefully, and with authentic gratification from the work they do and the professional roles they accept.

Vision Enactors consistently epitomize follow-through and develop innovative ways to support talent around them. Continue reading

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Vision Enactors

Vision Enactors are people of every generation found in all cultures, across time and globally who GET things DONE! Often they are also innovators and creators of businesses, processes, projects, and even communities. This will be one of several areas to post about who they are, how you tell if you are one, and why they are called Vision Enactors.

One major purpose is to connect Vision Enactors globally to proactive, progressive companies and organizations. In this process we also intend for Vision Enactors to connect to each other as colleagues, future staff, co-founder candidates, and co-creators.

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