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The Vision Enactor Collective, related Collaborators/Alliances and Advisors are still developing additional services, but below is a sample of what we currently offer you and your company. With our varied careers and our multi-generational and multi-cultural background, we can diversify and customize our services to fit your needs. This applies whether your organization is a start-up, a Fortune 500 company, a 501(c)3), a new form of socially responsible entity, or a government agency. Let us know what we can do for you.


Here are examples of recent deliverables:

  • more clearly identifying with a company exactly what it already does innately well to then further leverage this more effectively that very quarter
  • identifying well-suited co-founders candidates, founding team member competencies, and qualities for one start-up and several rapidly evolving companies
  • three immediately-available approaches an entity can better retain their own vision enactors – with no added compensation
  • several ways to provide more authority and less accountability to highest performers when recruiters were on that same quest (Who are you about to lose — and why? Who are your natural INTRApreneurs who needs more running room?)
  • legacy planning for several founders/owners and executives to ensure the odds of their greater transfer success of culture and values
  • nailing staffing short cuts to help best match existing opportunities to highly-qualified employees already in-house and in the interview process
  • supporting the shift of two exec interviewees to become, instead, interviewers in their well qualified search for their own best-fit culture when seeking new positions (internally for one which included a raise as well as a title promotion; the other was “job-seeking” and converted to culture-fit identifying)


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