Collective Bios

Sherry Lowry, MCC, MA, MS

Seven times entrepreneur, Sherry Lowry is a strategist, specialist in identifying career next steps, intrapreneur, and legacy planning collaborator. Her client relationships include corporate, organizational and small business founders, CEO’s, their direct reports or recognized, fast-track high potentials. Retaining naturally entrepreneurial staff and providing them opportunities as internal intrapreneurs is a key component of her business.

Primary interest: the organization’s most talented becoming their own best possible leaders for their own greatest potential. Once self-managed and self-led, they find the whole room stops to listen when they speak. Their best ideas become not just actively pursued, but received and acted upon.

Sherry’s expertise is catalyzing others to put their best self and capability forward. This grew through creating and fully developing staff in six previous businesses. The largest business grew to 20,000 clients throughout North America over a nine-year period. This business pioneered with Apple, Compaq, BMC Software, and 25 smaller companies in introducing adapted computer hardware and educational software to one million most physically or learning-challenged children. Another opportunity Sherry pursued was co-leading NASA’s first Entrepreneur Incubator for export of space and war technology to mainstream advantages. Through these experiences, she learned how to anticipate how cultural and economic changes drive needs for other forms of innovation in leadership and management approaches.

Today her major leadership focus is what succeeds across all five generations (think Buffet, Murdoch for the fifth generation) instead of what fails. Her research clarified that what is age-blind tends to be culture-blind. Self-evident conclusions: all generations and cultures strive to be and seek out leaders who grasp instinctively what makes us whole, and what brings out the best in us individually and collectively.

Her Vision Enactors members carry and practice these core competencies. They are from all levels of industry – enterprise to micro-business principals, C-Suite, top managers, each representative of a current workplace/marketplace generation. Together they work with micro to large organizations across multiple industries. Chief expertise areas: identifying and building on existing strengths, core-competencies and mindsets for future sustainability of company culture and services and products. Their emphasis: fully developing management, leadership and staff–who then take impeccable care of customers and clients.

Sherry advised the now 16,000 member International Coach Federation, serving 3 board terms, and carries their highest credential of Master Certified Coach. Her mainstream education includes two Master’s degrees and creation of three coach-specific training entities. She has personally helped train over 3500 business mentors and coaches.


512-300-1380 cell / txt
Austin Texas USA

Twitter: @sherrylowry

Janelle Monney, MBA

Certified executive coach, Janelle Monney, helps motivated high achievers work differently and more effectively than the competition. She partners with individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations to develop customized programs designed to build on their strengths and acquire needed skills. Her focus is on accelerating the pace of change, increasing accountability and delivering results in a global and multi-cultural environment (and hopefully in doing so, bringing a little more flexibility and joy to life!).

Janelle is the founder and managing partner of The Monney Group, LLC, based in Austin, Texas. It is her demonstrated ability to deliver results combined with her unique mix of education and depth and breadth of business experience that differentiates The Monney Group. She has 28 years corporate experience serving Fortune 500 companies (including four years as a Senior Vice President and seven years as a Vice President) leading global teams in sales, operations, supply chain, manufacturing, quality, information technology, marketing and communications. She has more than a decade leading major transformation and business process optimization initiatives and is an expert in managing and embracing change.

A skilled public speaker, Janelle’s list of speaking engagements includes the Microsoft High Tech Summit, the Freescale Technology Forum, the Texas Conference for Women and the Money and Power Conference.

A strong supporter of her industry and her community, she has served on the board of such diverse organizations as RosettaNet, American Electronics Association, American Cancer Society and Zachery Scott Theatre. Today, she proudly serves on the board of Texas Women in Business with the charter to develop “Future Business Leaders.”

Janelle is a life-long learner having received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1977, her Master of Business Administration in 1991 and her Professional Certification in Executive and Professional Coaching in 2010. Janelle is a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF) and received her professional credential (Associate Certified Coach) in 2010. She is a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner.

Janelle is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters (Lindsay and Kate Harris) and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Jean-Claude Monney, and their three dogs.

Casey Rowe

Generational Bridger

Casey Rowe is a career consultant specializing in helping individuals identify their careers and creating individualized, strategic career beginning and transition plans for her clients.

She works with small businesses with the process of recruiting and selecting the right employees for their job op

enings and aligning the goals of the organization and the professional goals of the individual to optimize effectiveness.  She also focuses on gender issues as well as generational gaps that impede productivity and balance in the workplace.

Casey built her consulting business around her professional experience in communications, management and organizational consulting.  She holds a master’s degree in Speech and Interpersonal Communications from NYU and a B.S. degree in Public Relations from The University of Texas at Austin.  She also holds numerous assessment certifications such as The MBTI, The Birkman and The Hogan.


Honoria Starbuck

Creative Director of Vision Enactors

Honoria Starbuck illustrates the future for every organization she engages. She contributes all the fine art our collective of Vision Enactors use in our work together. She is a fine artist on the faculty of the Art Institute  of Austin and a member of VizThink Austin.

Honoria holds an interdisciplinary PhD. In Curriculum and Instructions, Communications and Fine Art; a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology; and a BA in Fine Arts, all from the University of Texas at Austin.  Honoria offer Instructional Design as well as coaching for elegant,  effective PowerPoint presentations.

See Honoria Starbuck’s fine art:



Darlene Templeton

Darlene is the owner of Templeton and Associates. She is an experienced corporate coach, recognized leader and change agent. She brings thirty-five years of experience with a large global industry leader. Darlene has extensive experience in the corporate environment  which includes a background in consulting, operations, organizational change, strategy and behavior change, and worldwide project management. Darlene uses her abilities to engage leaders and their teams to get extraordinary results.

She has worked with many organizations to drive change and transformation through leadership and coaching, and has conducted numerous workshops for executives, managers and other professionals. Darlene is a certified professional co-active coach through The Coaches Training Institute.  She also completed a one year leadership training through The Coaches Training.   She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


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