Who Are Vision Enactors in YOUR Life?

Being a Vision Enactor is more than the ability to get things done. It goes deeper. Below are some characteristics we’ve seen with the Vision Enactors we’ve worked with directly.

First, what has been really fascinating for our Vision Enactor Collective, is how readily (as in instantly) vision enactors recognize each other. It is like dolphins with built-in sonar. They often have an instantaneous sense of being in the presence of a trusted other.

Second, Vision Enactors often have almost photographic recall for what another Vision Enactor has once said to them – practically verbatim — even if their last encounter was years back. We’ve seen this time and again.

Third, each time two Vision Enactors get together again, they immediately can start to build further on the relationship they already established, with no updates between seemingly needed.

Finally, and most significant and consistent, is that Vision Enactors really trust the judgment of each other. It’s more than just having each other’s back. Often other Vision Enactors influence one’s choice in career, education and will introduce them to the special people in one’s life. There is definitely a special bond between Vision Enactors

Casey Webb Rowe shares about being a Vision Enactor

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As a manager, you’ve seen them in action. You KNOW people like this, don’t you? We all do. In fact, we believe there are more of them around than most realize – and you will begin to discover just how many cross your path and have been part of your own history if you just stop and reflect a bit.

Start by noting qualities and characteristics of those you find you listen to and count on yourself. Who do you know who is continuously curious – especially about emerging trends, emerging business models, just released innovations and extraordinarily successful practices? If they are willing to share it, these people may be Vision Enactors.

Second, look at who actually anticipates change instead of resisting it. Are these people also driving strategy in a way that has taken into consideration the ideas and points of view of others first? If so, they may be Vision Enactors.

Third, think about who you know who is the very best in self-management. Who are the leaders who stand out because they consistently lead themselves first? We find this also often turns out to be the most trusted CEO in a whole flock of other CEO’s, by the way. This person may be a Vision Enactor.

Also look at who proactively cultivates and sustains trusted networks – and long after they may be in a particular role or company/community position where that is also part of a job? These people keep in touch; they do not abandon or simply file away the significant memories and experiences shared with others. Nor do they mainly reconnect when they need something. Do you know someone like this? If so, they may be a Vision Enactor.

Finally, what about execution? Who comes to mind first when you need to get something done? Vision Enactors are clearly action-oriented, but thoughtfully so – and with reflection and consideration. Vision Enactors also know what action to take next – what conclusion to draw, what decision to make and decisively so, even when facts are still unclear They have both an intuitive and a pragmatic sense of when a decision can be delayed and when it has to be made, whether or not the research is completed.

Are you a Vision Enactor or know someone who is? If so, learn more about our services and how we can help prepare your organization for tomorrow.


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