Above and Beyond Autonomy: Vision Enactors as Leaders

©2011 Casey Rowe

Vision Enactors (VEs) are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to get things done. But, this cannot be taken for granted. VEs thrive in environments where they can be not only autonomous, but masterful and purposeful in their work. As these needs are met, VEs go above and beyond to create this environment for others.

In his book “Drive”, Daniel H. Pink points out the mastery of law and politics and the purpose (ending slavery and preserving the union) in the leadership style of Abraham Lincoln who could absolutely be described as a Vision Enactor of his time. Pink notes that Lincoln’s skills included enough self-confidence to surround himself with rivals who excelled in areas where he was weak; genuine regard for the views of others; and the ability to acknowledge the contributions of others and to take blame.

These are obvious traits of a Vision Enactor in a leadership position. Doesn’t that sound like someone you would like to work for?

Current Vision Enactors thrive under this kind of leadership style and excel in cultures where they can develop professionally to master their skill.  They need a purpose for themselves as well as a purpose that benefits the greater good.  I was once in a position where professional development was frowned upon as it “took away from the task at hand” rather than be seen as a development opportunity that would benefit the organization and myself.

As a VE, I was able to see beyond imposed barriers and fulfill my needs independently.  I sought out development opportunities outside the company through mentorship and coaching.  This allowed me to not only excel at my position but it propelled me to outgrow the position and ultimately the organization.  Looking back, I can only imagine the possibilities of that organization if the leadership owned skills parallel to Lincoln’s.

There is a direct correlation of Vision Enactor leadership styles and retaining VE’s within an organization.  The needs of a VE cannot be overlooked — especially mastery and purpose.  These needs must be fostered and respected.  If so, a VE and the organization they align with will enjoy limitless success!

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