What Vision Enactors Know

© 2011 Sherry Lowry

We already are well aware there are people whose leadership emphasis is on getting things done effectively, gracefully, and with authentic gratification from the work they do and the professional roles they accept.

Vision Enactors consistently epitomize follow-through and develop innovative ways to support talent around them. They do this, in part, by bringing into fuller action each employee’s greatest potential and distinctiveness What is particularly unique about them is they can do this not only with their own visions of how things can be better in the future, but also with the visions of others. Whether it’s the vision of a boss or a manager, a colleague or a team member, a client or a staff member, a Vision Enactor gets things accomplished. No matter what projects or organizations Vision Enactors focus on, these capabilities and qualities follow them. This is why Vision Enactors are not only highly-effective organizational leaders, but are community leaders as well.

To hear more about this directly from the perspective of one of our own Vision Enactor Collective Members, Casey Webb Rowe, who happens to be a Gen-Y member (specific age = 33 years) you can link to hear this yourself.

Credit: Dara Quackenbush, masterful copywriting & editing

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  1. Sherry,

    As a “vision mentor and enactor” your words from a few months ago still ring true to me: “A leader builds the bridge as they go…” Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge and for calling us forth all to vision more boldly and to recognize it in others.

    Excited to learn more,

    Rosemarie Perla

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