Vision Enactors

Vision Enactors are people of every generation found in all cultures, across time and globally who GET things DONE! Often they are also innovators and creators of businesses, processes, projects, and even communities. This will be one of several areas to post about who they are, how you tell if you are one, and why they are called Vision Enactors.

One major purpose is to connect Vision Enactors globally to proactive, progressive companies and organizations. In this process we also intend for Vision Enactors to connect to each other as colleagues, future staff, co-founder candidates, and co-creators.

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One Response to Vision Enactors

  1. sherrylowry says:

    Welcome to colleague Vision Enactors, those who aspire to be, and those who support and cheer us on!

    We’re incredibly glad you stopped by and hope you will contribute and comment often, plus respond directly to each other and new friends you make here.

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